Green & Gold ft Phoenix Da Icefire (prod by Chief Bob)

from by Blackk Chronical



I can see you hurting
You tryna live that life
Money's no obstacle
But you could die tonight
Out cleansing our souls in that green and gold
Role I an ounce of freedom before my mind explodes
My bruddah, how high can we fly
While living in the ghetto
While living in the ghetto
While living in the ghetto

Statistics are against me
School system to make a slave
It’s a Miracle I made it
Hear sirens like everyday
Sirens like everyday
I hear sirens like everyday
It's a miracle I made it
Like Kanye I'm spitting thru da pain
Thinking of all things I seen, at a tender age
Hood Negro flashed the gauge
Smiley face, and that was yesterday
Sent someone in to yesterday
He was tryna kill himself and at last minute he pulled away

Living semi suicidal
Our brothers become our rival
The Mandingo fights inside you
The souls now detached hiding
Filling that void with violence
Pray you learn like I did
The streets quickest way to death
Infect you like a virus

Yeah yeah
Infect you like a virus
Yeah yeah
Infect you like a virus

Bright lights
Blood sacrifices bright lights
Lose a love one, kill a friend to get your money right
Now your days are nightmarish
How you sleep at night
Living with ankh on my chest, most high hold me tight
Intuition help me get by, must be my third eye
Coming for the piece of the pie angels it’s our time

Spoken word
Though I sometimes flirt with sin, know I still keep my oil burning
Please support me with your guidance
Invisible beings shelter me from the outsiders
Embed my narrow path with righteous stones that lead me home
Repot the souls of those who effect my mission
Gift me with divine intuition
Yours truly

Phoenix verse
There's more to my story than pain
Institutionalise refuse me to rise I walk in the rain
The role of a victim I played
It's all in my brain, the glass ceiling with the window pane on my chest
I need it to break hey
I don't see no mistakes
Everything is, see that shit everyday
The eclipse the sun the grey
The grip the slip the insane
The script the life the game
Inside we need to change
Metamorph of torching flames
It's all the same they bought us slaves
Black or white we walk in chains and talk a boarded cage
The morbid way
Slow it down
Is it all in vane
To better ourselves while the next man starves fading away
Are we not all one we suffer the same fate
It's mayday to be made great to acknowledge a being outside of ourself in our own state
The state of mind state of home state of my landscape
As we try to escape tied to our fate in a world that takes shape
We need innovate
Thing is we need change
Bleeding in vane like a martyr who will never get praise


from The Unapologetic Autopsy Of Crime EP, released February 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Blackk Chronical London, UK

Blackk Chronical spent years perfecting his craft as a solo artist, and as one half of hiphop duo Solar Blackk Chronical.

His unceasing grind with his brother Phoenix Da Icefire has enabled him to meet and support some of his idols including Pharoahe Monch, Dead Prez, Jeru The Damaga, Onyx and even Big Daddy Kane.

Now, cut from the cloth of his heroes, a villain is born ...
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