A Marionette (prod by Architech)

from by Blackk Chronical



Raised by the hunger
Shaped by the violence
Controlled by our codes
Fighting for freedom
Or something to believe in
All hail the gold

Am I destined to become another statistic
Blood spattered on a back streets wall tell my story like a hieroglyphic
Fought oppression with an iron spirit
Now we fight amongst ourselves to increase figures
Gangster music is a gimmick, like
Most don't even live it
It's just global campaign to sell unforgiving life style to misinformed infants
Gangster whip, gangster rims, gangster ice, fucking gangster bitches, moving gangster weight, banging gangster triggers umm umm umm umm
I ain't finished
Gangster crime lead to gangster prison
Gangster funerals, and gangster coffins
So you see every time you go inside or die ... guess who profits
The streets got me feeling like we deep in Vietnam
Pay attention to these streets psalm if you wanna dodge those bombs

Blow blow
In need of assistance please
They just killed my friend and shot me, the bullets deep
They told passer Byers look away laughing as I bleed
Please, please I'm scared for life...
I don't know, wearing black and white
Rolled up in the dead of the night unprovoked
No not one word spoke
Until they put a gun to my throat
I started to choke
They asked me if I'm scared, I shook my head man gesturing no
They got a little restless cause people started capturing shit on their phones
CALL ME AN AMBULANCE, I hate you 5.0

Systems got a hold of me
Systems got a hold of me
So tight I can't breathe
Systems got a hold of me
And I want to, breathe
Systems got a hold of me
Systems got a hold of me
So tight I can't breathe
Systems got a hold of me
And I want to, breathe

They clamping down on our freedom of speech
Freedom to teach
Freedom to elevate beyond the stars reach
Ayo Phoenix silver lining getting hard to see, so I stays high
In need of different forms of escapism
Most escape their own lives, we escape prison
Handing life sentence to juvenile felons
Strong abortion campaigns, gone in 60 seconds
Eugenics...killing us softly, but we can get them
...run in govt with AK's, spray until we don't feel pain
Find the White House invade
Where corruption take place
All I wanna see is flames
Arsine, GBH
Fall to our knees and pray...
For a brighter day, for peace sake we don't need your faith
Vandalised our pictures, supremacy in the frame,
Soul’s signed away for the fame, arms still raw from the blade
Need a little green in vein
Just to stay sane....


from The Unapologetic Autopsy Of Crime EP, released February 21, 2017
Instrumental produced by Architech
Written and performed by Blackk Chronical
Recorded at Kilimanjaro Studios
Mixed/Mastered at Kilimanjaro Studios



all rights reserved


Blackk Chronical London, UK

Blackk Chronical spent years perfecting his craft as a solo artist, and as one half of hiphop duo Solar Blackk Chronical.

His unceasing grind with his brother Phoenix Da Icefire has enabled him to meet and support some of his idols including Pharoahe Monch, Dead Prez, Jeru The Damaga, Onyx and even Big Daddy Kane.

Now, cut from the cloth of his heroes, a villain is born ...
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