The Unapologetic Autopsy Of Crime EP

by Blackk Chronical

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Intro Raised by the hunger Shaped by the violence Controlled by our codes Fighting for freedom Or something to believe in All hail the gold Verse Am I destined to become another statistic Blood spattered on a back streets wall tell my story like a hieroglyphic Fought oppression with an iron spirit Now we fight amongst ourselves to increase figures Gangster music is a gimmick, like Most don't even live it It's just global campaign to sell unforgiving life style to misinformed infants Gangster whip, gangster rims, gangster ice, fucking gangster bitches, moving gangster weight, banging gangster triggers umm umm umm umm I ain't finished Gangster crime lead to gangster prison Gangster funerals, and gangster coffins So you see every time you go inside or die ... guess who profits The streets got me feeling like we deep in Vietnam Pay attention to these streets psalm if you wanna dodge those bombs Verse Blow blow In need of assistance please They just killed my friend and shot me, the bullets deep They told passer Byers look away laughing as I bleed Please, please I'm scared for life... I don't know, wearing black and white Rolled up in the dead of the night unprovoked No not one word spoke Until they put a gun to my throat I started to choke They asked me if I'm scared, I shook my head man gesturing no They got a little restless cause people started capturing shit on their phones CALL ME AN AMBULANCE, I hate you 5.0 Chorus Systems got a hold of me Systems got a hold of me So tight I can't breathe Systems got a hold of me And I want to, breathe Systems got a hold of me Systems got a hold of me So tight I can't breathe Systems got a hold of me And I want to, breathe Verse They clamping down on our freedom of speech Freedom to teach Freedom to elevate beyond the stars reach Ayo Phoenix silver lining getting hard to see, so I stays high In need of different forms of escapism Most escape their own lives, we escape prison Handing life sentence to juvenile felons Strong abortion campaigns, gone in 60 seconds Eugenics...killing us softly, but we can get them in govt with AK's, spray until we don't feel pain Find the White House invade Where corruption take place All I wanna see is flames Arsine, GBH Fall to our knees and pray... For a brighter day, for peace sake we don't need your faith Vandalised our pictures, supremacy in the frame, Soul’s signed away for the fame, arms still raw from the blade Need a little green in vein Just to stay sane....
Stepp Backk - lyrics done If you ain't got a message Why the hell is you speaking Talking about your vision cuz I ain't seeing what you're seeing Lost brothers still believing in you heavens They corrupt kings pieces turn children to sleep Fashion sound waves together like the cute seep in For this trap star gangsters A&R's feeling Put this CD in your set now we're streaming in your blood stream Put this CD in your set now we're streaming in your blood stream Words become a part of your matter Hip-hop martyr use stanzas Like the treatment for cancer Convert anger like alchemist Clapping got their hands up cause they want more Encore for the onslaught of celebrity whores Rock a lever dress just for applause I keep my eye in the King They all pawns in this city of sin Break of dawn I be at war summons scarab with wings Chronical‘s here let the realness begin Chorus If you ain't down for real Hip-hop STEPP BACKK Talking that trap star gangster STEPP BACKK Would pull a trigger out on your own brother then STEPP BACKK Diluting the essence then STEPP BACKK Verse Silver casket was for the vampires of the game Who just for the sake of the fame Sold their music like crack cocaine telling young brothers to self-destruct by use of a gauge Brainwashed by corrupted execs just to get that chain What does success really mean built on heart ache and pain Baphomet pledge work in mysterious ways Started that west coast east coast die in rage Now you could catch rappers in sheroes pink toes to match Hip-hop I overstand You pillaged rape and left naked in devilish hands My plans to save like the mask of Zorro freedom at last My physical form attack you Devils on context This is Marshall Law vs mortal combat They collapse like deck chair when I storm their format This one for the rappers who ain't all that yo cuz Bridge My 16 spray men For falsely claiming there bading Through use of a Saturn arrangements Do anything to be famous I hate them Hook (Lost rappers like) Get that money Money over everything Free my boy thug Fuck the Feds that sentenced him (Lost rappers like) Kill that nigga Post code for life Rep your block Gangster’s paradise
Pressure lyrics done Who are you to judge a life you ain't living Sin all week, Sunday forgiven Professional hypocrite, no beginners World looks sweet, when the rose is tinted Gold rose tinted Boast how you’re living The postcode we live in Drugs, penicillin Help how we feeling Don't criminalise my life for minute Ever been so low you just wanna give in Windmill of hate gonna keep on spinning Crime big business When they see me, just seeing figures Well that figures Guess no love for young black nigga So I love myself Wanna make more than mark in this world ok go Ain't in hip-hop to get paid for shows Channelling messages straight from my soul People take lives, shout YOLO Kids have babies, shout YOLO Different drugs tryna fill that hole Screaming I don't wanna feel this pain no more The pressure of life will crack coal or make diamonds The strength to survive inside BUT YOU DONT KNOW! Live life fast, prey to die old Been here a few times so I'm told Over my past lives I've evolved Living with pressure I've been writing music for some time For expression, natural high No I don't toke green but sometimes Yeah I might, do for the insight Free my mind, from western this jail, I swear its hell Man we living ain't right Disconnected from earth since I, opened, my eyes My feet ain't touch the ground, I ain't lying Abandoned Mother Earth, I know why I know she's crying Every time it rains Pressures of life distracted again Found some enemy's inside friends When money's involved I swear they change... Living with pressure, who to blame... Life styles that we adopted cause pain
Verse Still I try Regardless of the fights Regardless of the temptation that catch my eye Regardless of the distance and lack of time Guess we're both victims so why'd you cry I'm out on tour baby back on the forth On stage feel like a God on the floor even more Nothing but sodum and gumaroo plenty whores Will I stay faithful the choice is all yours Verse We love to say we both don't care Well tell me why we both still hear Just say the word and I'm gone Where's my keys where's my phone You love to cause a scene on road Domestic violence How you drag me in domestic violence I'm a hard working man still trying Listen everyone else sees but you We love eachother yeah but we hate eachother too And every curse word I can see I lose the future you In fact fuck a relationship if it ain't with you You set the bar high so I compare them to you See I always talk about you you I'm coming home soon
The aviator lyrics - done Freedom don't we seldom forget That feeling, when we took our first steps like woh Hey, carefully cautious I might fly away Rules act like those balls and chains We taught to be afraid, in here it's safe Never escape and never seek out change It's dangerous, causes too much pain There's a lot of thinking involved, it's easier to stay Not forcing just saying, but hold on Reason Ain't you scared of my achievements And what I might be when I be, when I be it But see, she was holding me back, I didn't see it All the great stuff that I am, got superseded But the all stuff a brother done lacked, I’m a genius You transferred all the flaws you had, on to me and Baby I see all now like matrix.... Heart bleeding at first but so glad we didn't make it Chorus Now, where do I begin I know I don't wanna be friends But I might I see you on road God I hope I don't see you road I must admit that, things were kul for a minute An every time I'm thinking of forgiveness I see you in pictures sinning Soo fucking glad that we finished Verse Me, me me me, me myself and me Everything's about me I ain't sharing no p, go where I wanna eat Chill with my boys on road if I don't wanna sleep Any place mi a warnt me a be An if a girl wanna beat ima hola and meet If fact, ima hola my boy right now an live like rockstars in my house Ima pay for some sex tonight A little alcohol and weed, so the mood is right Trench coats, they arrived in the middle of night I ain't paid for foreplay, girl drop them tights Tut sweet tut sweet 80% weed, twos me twos me Ahey let me hit that...and let me that to She so freaky, doing stuff that I see on the tube Fucking her but I'm thinking of you, dam! Chorus 2 Now, maybe it was too soon I'm with her, but I'm thinking of you An I hope I see you on road God I hope I see you road I must admit that, things were kul for a minute An every time I'm thinking of forgiveness I see you in pictures sinning Still fucking glad that we finished Verse Now I, see love like a fucking disease She fooled me twice man, shame on me Should of really realised from the first time we beat, she would creep Way too much experience in da sheets Said her, sexual encounters were still in the singular digits, but baby now I think that's a bit hard to believe Why is every girl a virgin, the first time of meeting and starts talking about her standards for no particular reason Keep looking at my dick!! I SEE YOU FEINING!!! I ain't tryna be your man, I'm just tryna "get my meat in...wassuuup!"
Intro “Why you being soo deep” “Because I want to be deep” “Why you taking my goods” “Fam Because I want to take your good” “Why you acting soo violent” “Fam, cause I want to act violent fam” “But why you acting soo crazy” Verse 1 Yo, listen Because I want to be a supervillain The ends made me crazy 9-5 never paid me, so I turned to crime Shifted the same thing the governments shifting Face stays concealed, how could I be of assistance Levitating wallets like magneto to the thefts theme See me though The thefts theme What you say The thefts them One more time The thefts theme My dream is your nightmare Environments is unfair Get jumped for your Nike airs Bullets glide like spaceships, that’s what my brother said Surrounded like Matrix, every door they’re coming in More camera’s than hugs in this world and I’m loving it Could it be ME they don’t trust in the public Ain’t hard to SEE I’m their primary target Contending with shells like shredder who asking Forsaken by this iron mask, I ain’t seen sun yet But the situation’s peak, got me feeling sun-kissed Chorus x 4 Sworn off shotgun Straight to your eardrum Now you don’t hear none Accept us, we fear none Grew up in a London slum Used knives, seen guns Beat people just for fun Mum what have I become Verse 2 Iconography Forces you can’t see No one’s stopping me from making an impression You could never catch me slipping Thought-forms transmute into weapons Get beheaded with the tension . . . one more time Iconography Forces you can’t see No one’s stopping me from making an impression You could never catch me slipping Thought-forms transmute into weapon Get beheaded with the tension Purely from the atmosphere My tiger stance sure to inject fear into the rough, tough and the rawest Can’t tell if this is a verse or chorus Channelling the spirit of Bodhi Dharma for this warship No mistakes I never meant worship The difference between fake rap and hiphop for certain Most of you rappers need to close curtains Misguiding the youth that’s why you’re nervous . . . in the presence Disruptive beings you’re serving Satanic rituals and sermons Blood sacrifices for that diamond Quite sinister the timing Lost a loved one on Tuesday Wednesday you morn Thursday you profit off of rhyming As M9 said that myriad of emotion’s seismic As far as innovation goes I’m the finest Every bar of every . . . I messed the flow up Sworn off shotgun Straight to your eardrum Now you don’t hear none Accept us, we fear none Grew up in a London slum Used knives, seen guns Beat people just for fun Mum what have I become Sworn off shotgun Straight to your eardrum Now you don’t hear none Accept us, we fear none Grew up in a London slum Used knives, seen guns Beat people just for fun Mum what have I become
Intro I can see you hurting You tryna live that life Money's no obstacle But you could die tonight Out cleansing our souls in that green and gold Role I an ounce of freedom before my mind explodes My bruddah, how high can we fly While living in the ghetto While living in the ghetto While living in the ghetto Verse Statistics are against me School system to make a slave It’s a Miracle I made it Hear sirens like everyday Sirens like everyday I hear sirens like everyday It's a miracle I made it Like Kanye I'm spitting thru da pain Thinking of all things I seen, at a tender age Hood Negro flashed the gauge Smiley face, and that was yesterday Sent someone in to yesterday He was tryna kill himself and at last minute he pulled away Chorus Living semi suicidal Our brothers become our rival The Mandingo fights inside you The souls now detached hiding Filling that void with violence Pray you learn like I did The streets quickest way to death Infect you like a virus Yeah yeah Infect you like a virus Yeah yeah Infect you like a virus Bright lights Blood sacrifices bright lights Lose a love one, kill a friend to get your money right Now your days are nightmarish How you sleep at night Living with ankh on my chest, most high hold me tight Intuition help me get by, must be my third eye Coming for the piece of the pie angels it’s our time Spoken word Though I sometimes flirt with sin, know I still keep my oil burning Please support me with your guidance Invisible beings shelter me from the outsiders Embed my narrow path with righteous stones that lead me home Repot the souls of those who effect my mission Gift me with divine intuition Yours truly Phoenix verse There's more to my story than pain Institutionalise refuse me to rise I walk in the rain The role of a victim I played It's all in my brain, the glass ceiling with the window pane on my chest I need it to break hey I don't see no mistakes Everything is, see that shit everyday The eclipse the sun the grey The grip the slip the insane The script the life the game Inside we need to change Metamorph of torching flames It's all the same they bought us slaves Black or white we walk in chains and talk a boarded cage The morbid way Slow it down Is it all in vane To better ourselves while the next man starves fading away Are we not all one we suffer the same fate It's mayday to be made great to acknowledge a being outside of ourself in our own state The state of mind state of home state of my landscape As we try to escape tied to our fate in a world that takes shape We need innovate Thing is we need change Bleeding in vane like a martyr who will never get praise
Your wage Your home Your car See these are all jus ascetics It's your growth Your trials Your love true human experience your job Your clothes Your food Again all just ascetics It's your pain Your solutions Your will True human experience Look at where we are now The musics been progressive The struggle been intense But I see the light at the ending I don't wanna be rich Just need a roof to lay my head in Said my service is to the people Lord knows I meant it Continuing this war Fighting for freedoms It all starts in the mind That manifest into instincts Manifest into action Manifest into change Manifest into days We could just exist again An not worry about agendas Microchipping kids Fake Vaccines News is never what it is Nomore covert wars This terrorist shit Democides We know who the real terrorist is I drunk from the fountain life All I see is energy Your intention were pure I now I know your not my enemy


released February 21, 2017


all rights reserved



Blackk Chronical London, UK

Blackk Chronical spent years perfecting his craft as a solo artist, and as one half of hiphop duo Solar Blackk Chronical.

His unceasing grind with his brother Phoenix Da Icefire has enabled him to meet and support some of his idols including Pharoahe Monch, Dead Prez, Jeru The Damaga, Onyx and even Big Daddy Kane.

Now, cut from the cloth of his heroes, a villain is born ...
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